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4 Device Universal Remote CRCRPS04GR
·Audio input and TV input keys make it easy to manage your home theater components ·Channel lock automatically sends channel change commands to the component that changes channels ·Controls TV, SAT/CBL/STREAM, DVD/VCR, and AUDIO/AUX ·Digital sub-channel capability (like 59.1) ·Illuminates with green backlit keypad ·Includes codes and support for streaming media players, like AppleTV and Roku ·Learning capability lets you capture functions from your original component remotes ·Macro capability (up to 6 activities) simplifies multi-step routines (like watching a DVD) into a single step ·Master power lets you automatically turn all your programmed devices on or off ·Menu and guide support ·Preset channel capability lets you program your 10 favorite channels for TV and satellite or cable